Corporate WiFi Networks

WiFi access point

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Connection fee: € 50,00

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    Corporate WiFi networks

    CSC TELECOM offers a unique corporate WiFi solution, which ensures the construction of networks in places, where a large number of devices should be installed. We guarantee a constant speed of at least 70 Mbit/s at any network coverage point.
    Public WiFi networks in the company

    Corporate WiFi networks

    The solution is provided by a management platform, which is responsible for load distribution between WiFi hotspots, and also allows you to configure each device that is being connected to the network. A wide selection of models allows you to choose a solution for any object (even outdoors). In places with high humidity, access point models are available with housing that protects the device from water or rain. These models support MESH technology, with the ability to organise signal retransmission without any loss.

    Internal WiFi networks in the company

    Many details should be followed when planning networks in spacious areas. It is very important to ensure seamless data roaming, which allows devices to switch between access points without losing connection to the WiFi network.

    WiFi network planning and installation includes:
    • Investigation of the customer premises and determination of the optimal number of WiFi base stations.
    • Determining the required placement of WiFi devices.
    • Configuring WiFi devices.
    • Installation and setup of the wireless internet devices.
    • WiFi hardware service.

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