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01 Close the experience gap with SAP C/4HANA

SAP software enables experiences across the enterprise that turn customers into fans
What sort of experience are you giving your customers? Every time a customer interacts with your organization, they have an experience, regardless of what you do. The question is not if they’re experiencing but what are they experiencing. And whether you understand that experience.
You need to. If you don’t, a gap will open up between what you think you’re delivering and what your customers are actually getting. This is the experience gap. Customers want experiences that match their expectations. And you need to manage those experiences to deliver on those expectations as much as you need great products and services. In the experience economy, what sets you apart from your competitors is not just the quality of what you offer. It’s how you make people feel that matters.
To do this properly means listening to your customers. It means understanding how what they say relates to what you do. And it means acting on that understanding to improve their experiences. This is experience management, and it’s the key to closing the experience gap.
Successful experience management requires a new way of doing things. For decades, organizations have relied on operational data (O-data) – hard data that tells you what’s going on, such as profit and loss, win rates, and cart abandonment – to inform their decisions. Today, operational data is not enough. We also need to know why things are happening. Why did a customer abandon that cart? What’s causing the high rate of unsubscribing from e-mails? This is experience data (X-data), and when it’s coupled with operational data, you have the most powerful weapon in a marketer’s arsenal: an understanding of what your customers are experiencing and how their reaction affects your business.

Gaining that understanding requires the right kind of software. SAP C/4HANA, the customer experience suite from SAP, gives you the power to connect X-data with O-data, helping you move from customer relationship management to experience management.

If you’re delivering a great customer experience, chances are your business will do well. Watermark Consulting’s influential yearly report, “The Customer Experience ROI Study,” suggests leaders in customer experience (CX) generate a stock performance up to three times higher than those it defines as CX laggards. And they consistently outperform the market, generating returns up to 45 points higher than the S&P 500 Index. Ignoring this is not an option. But together with SAP C/4HANA, Experience Management solutions from SAP give you access to game-changing tools that not only allow you to monitor customer experience, but also to do something about it.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Experience trust

SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions help companies
build lasting, trusted relationships

with their customers by fueling personalized digital engagements with permission- based, first-party data. Our cloud-native portfolio enables businesses to identify and engage consumers at scale, address data protection and consumer privacy compliance, and progressively build rich, unified customer profiles to power better marketing, sales, and services strategies.
With consumer trust at an all-time low, and new data protection regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effectively managing all aspects of consumer consent has never been more important. SAP Customer Data Cloud offers enterprise preference management capabilities that provide more transparency to consumers about what information they are sharing and what it is used for, while also giving them meaningful, self-service control of their personal data.
By enabling more trusted, personalized digital experiences, companies can transform compliance from business risk to market advantage – and that’s good for everyone.

  • Turn anonymous visitors into known, loyal customers – with relationships that are built progressively on a customer’s own terms
  • Create a bond of trust with customers – by putting customers in the driver’s seat through increased transparency and control of their data
  • Drive personalized experiences with trusted data – by breaking down data silos to build rich, unified customer profiles from permission-based data, actionable across the enterprise

SAP Marketing Cloud

Experience insight without complexity

In the digital economy, customers have a wealth of information and alternatives at their fingertips. Their expectations surrounding the brand experience are high, and when unmet, the barriers to exit are low. It’s never been harder to find and keep the customers you need to drive growth. The SAP Marketing Cloud solution helps marketers take the reins on revenue by delivering the data and analytic horsepower marketing needs, without the complexity that slows it down.

Marketers typically struggle to understand their customers because data exists in silos across their organization. SAP Marketing Cloud brings together experience data and operational data from across the enterprise for a unified view of customers that delivers powerful insights to shape marketing strategy. It improves marketing’s ability to adapt to changing customer needs, using machine-driven intelligence to engage with pinpoint accuracy and personalization that respects preferences, delights customers, and builds trust. And it helps marketers understand what’s working and what needs work, with closed-loop marketing measurements and user-friendly business intelligence that enables fast, confident decision-making to optimize marketing performance and ROI.

  • Leverage better data to understand customers and sharpen marketing’s focus
  • Engage with speed and intelligence to deepen customer relationships
  • Optimize marketing performance to drive revenue and improve marketing’s seat at the table

SAP Commerce Cloud

Commerce, reinvented

  • Reduce total cost of ownership – quick to install, easy to maintain, and doesn’t require customization
  • Deliver quality commerce experiences that span channels and devices and the front office and back office

For years, SAP has been a leader in the commerce platform market. Its latest cloud-native products are once again reinventing commerce by providing great flexibility: from the smallest market to the largest enterprise across the globe, from a fast deployment in just a few days to a perfect fit for every business model – B2C, B2B, and B2B2C – and across industries and marketplaces. Based on cloud-native architecture, the SAP Commerce Cloud solution is open, connected, and API first, enabling you to extend at speed with an agile microservices architecture.

SAP Commerce Cloud and the new SAP Upscale Commerce solution go significantly further than personalization: delivering quality, joined-up experiences; seamlessly crossing channels; spanning front office to back office; and connecting demand and supply chains. Built-in artificial intelligence– powered merchandising enables you to sell more and generate more profit by delivering individually relevant experiences.

Together with Experience Management solutions from SAP (Qualtrics), SAP Commerce Cloud helps you listen to customers and optimize your approach, so customers always get quality experiences that deliver on your brand promise.

SAP Sales Cloud

Experience sales velocity

Sales velocity helps your sales reps sell more and
sell faster
, and in alignment with your company’s strategic goals and bottom line. But sales velocity is also closely linked with a positive customer experience.
How? It’s simple: improving the sales rep’s experience helps the customer’s experience. When sales reps have the tools to get relevant information to customers faster, deliver quotes faster, and process contracts faster, and the incentives to sell the right products faster, then customers tend to be happy as well.
The SAP Sales Cloud portfolio automates the quote-to-cash cycle. The quote and proposal process enables sales reps to configure quotes on complex offerings in minutes, not days. Contract lifecycle management takes a contract through to completion with the least amount of friction. Combined with the ability to monetize offers to meet your business objectives, sales performance management helps ensure territories and quotas are in sync and reps are motivated by topline objectives set by you. Sales automation has never been more intuitive and complete, while sales forecasting and pipeline management help sales teams plan for the future and take action to get deals moving.

  • Create a frictionless buying experience
  • Accelerate sales planning
  • Increase CRM adoption

SAP Service Cloud

Experience perfect service moments

Customer service is at the core of the customer experience. Every service moment is a moment of truth
that puts your organization to the test. How quickly can you respond? How easy can you make it for your customers? How long will it take to get the problem solved to their satisfaction?
The SAP Service Cloud solution helps organizations deliver better customer experiences in the moments when it matters most – enabling effortless self-service, supporting omnichannel customer engagement, providing on-demand field service, and bridging the gap between the front line and your operational systems.
With embedded artificial intelligence (AI), you can automate and accelerate your service processes. Easy-to-build chatbots take care of routine and repetitive tasks, giving human service reps time to deal with complex inquiries. The Internet of Things and predictive maintenance enable the replacement of parts before they fail, keeping downtime to a minimum. And AI-powered “crowd service” makes waiting for the service technician a thing of the past.
Listening to your customers closes the loop: get instant experience feedback and take immediate action before it’s too late. The SAP Qualtrics CX for Service solution provides proof that your service solution is working, and if it’s falling short, provides precise action items on how to fix it.

  • Engage your customers in the moments when it matters most to them with faster, more convenient, and more reliable service, turning them into advocates
  • Empower your frontline employees with the right tools, insight, intelligence, and training to become motivated experts and trusted advisors
  • Drive operational excellence from first contact to resolution, consistently delivering on your brand promise while reducing operating cost

02 The next step in experience management

Turning customer experience data into positive action
There is no better proof of SAP’s commitment to innovation leadership than our acquisition of Qualtrics. Their experience management (XM) technology leapfrogs the competition and helps companies realize quantifiable gains from customer experience (CX) data.
Experience Management solutions from SAP achieve this by making sense of the constantly- in-motion customer journey. Instead of
just telling you where your experiences are failing, you can find out why, so you can take quick, corrective action. That means happier customers and a boost to your bottom line. The revolutionary combination of experience data (X-data) with operational data (O-data) – what we call the “XO” factor – is the next logical step, and one you should be planning for now. So how can you achieve this, and why is it crucial for you to do so?


First-generation tools, often called “voice of
the customer” or “customer journey” tools, presented static data about certain touch points your customer had with your company. This information was siloed by departments, and each one was trying to answer different questions: “Are they happy with my support?”; “Do they like my call center reps?”; “Is my brand leaving them with a warm, fuzzy feeling?”
The problem is, customers are always in motion, and their journeys are neither simplistic nor linear. They are complex and multifaceted. Surveys from a few months ago may be meaningless. In fact, surveys from two days ago could also be out of date. The customers may have already moved on.
Our Experience Management solutions help create a customized customer-journey model that follows customers as they move through the process of purchasing and interacting with your company, presenting a real-time view of what’s happening and why.
These solutions can do this because they use every interaction possible, from social media to text, from e-mail to phone, to capture customers in motion – in real time.


There are three pieces of the experience puzzle:

  • Customer experience: interaction with customers at key points in their engagement with your company
  • Brand experience: real-time tracking of the traction your brand is getting in the market
  • Employee experience: finding out what keeps employees engaged and preventing churn, because happy employees result in better customer experiences

Receiving reports that customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with your company through a generic Net Promoter Score® (NPS) leads to more questions than answers. Not only do executives want to know what happened (“our NPS is down again this month”), they what to know why it happened so they can fix or eliminate the problem and correct the course. Our solutions solve this issue through analytic algorithms that isolate the processes or touch points that are the source of the problem. For example, when an airline saw one flight at one airport trending way below the brand’s average NPS, they dug deeper into the why. They isolated a single issue at a specific gate that had led to the poor satisfaction rating and worked with the airport to resolve the issue. Multivariate regression analysis can zero in on the particular process, policy, or complication due to events inside or outside your control. In other words, you don’t have to guess; you see the exact issue that’s causing a problem. Role-based dashboards get the analysis to stakeholders quickly without a lot of configurationor setup.

With the Qualtrics acquisition and our Experience Management solutions, we take the next step in customer experience by closing the loop and solving the issues that are keeping your customers from loving your company and your products and services.

Qualtrics IQ is a set of artificial intelligence features built into the Qualtrics XM Platform® that includes Predict IQ, which proactively identifies customers likely to switch, and even alerts
you so you can take action. Stats IQ is used to automatically identify trends across multiple data sets and millions of records. Text IQ helps identify what matters most to customers. Driver IQ can pinpoint actions that can have the most impact on customer retention or acquisition. Voice IQ turns conversations into insights by analyzing sentiment and topics in speech. The analysis is visual and easy to use, and you can drill into regions, products, and other variables.

Together, these solutions deliver the ideal feedback loop to help companies create a customer experience that works for their industry, geography, and customer base. Insights and actions that are suggested by Experience Management solutions can be executed through SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud solutions. Customer barriers and roadblocks can be removed in real time with SAP Commerce Cloud, where it’s often not obvious to executives if some glitch is causing negative customer sentiment. This can also be adapted to a variety of B2C, B2B, and omnichannel scenarios.


Helping employees perfect their customer experience skills

Delivering an excellent customer experience is not just about technology, it’s about people. Your sales team and other employees have regular contact with customers. How they handle each and every interaction makes or breaks your company’s reputation. You have two choices
to perfect your company’s interactions with customers: hire perfect people or perfect the people you hire.
That’s where the SAP Litmos® solution comes in. It’s a continuous “training in the now” platform that helps your employees perfect their skills in dealing with people, particularly customers. We consider it essential to any customer experience suite, because all the technology in the world can’t overcome an unprepared and untrained sales rep or service rep.
SAP Litmos is a next-generation learning solution with a philosophy suited to today’s quick-moving business environment.

    Training should not be “owned” solely by HR. With Litmos you can deploy the solution at the business level where managers know the issues better than anyone. And it’s easy to spin up a new course.
    Training at a once-a-year sales event is often forgotten a few days after it ends. Sales reps need training on products when they have deals in motion. SAP Litmos solves this problem by providing training that’s continuously available and on demand. It also can be used for on-the-
    fly coaching on prospecting, pipeline building, negotiating, and other critical sales competencies that are learned skills. And it can be added to your total sales enablement suite.
    Realizing strategic, company-wide goals often requires training. An agile, easy-to-set-up training program such as SAP Litmos helps. If you find gaps in your customer experience area, this is the perfect avenue to correct behaviors that may be the cause.
    Build up your training library with instant access to thousands of professionally created, video- based courses. Content is added every month in critical subject areas such as compliance, sales mastery, and customer service.

VIVO brings blockchain to life with democratized consent

Blockchain’s decentralized, self-managed system of trusted transactions is finding a home in customer experience, and the payoff can be big for companies that invest in it.
SAP Customer Experience Labs debuted a prototype application dubbed “VIVO” at the SAP Customer Experience LIVE event held in October 2018. Since then, user interest has grown, and new use cases just keep coming.
The business problem that VIVO solves is one that most companies are all too familiar with: managing consent in a way that helps their business instead of hurting it. Turns out that blockchain combined with the SAP Customer Data Cloud portfolio is the perfect fit for an underlying technology solution.
VIVO turns consent into a user-controlled process where a series of trust steps are taken by customers and businesses (or others) to form a mutually beneficial arrangement.
For example, an individual may parcel out consent to their personal usage data in exchange for receiving special discounts or offers from a vendor.
Other possible applications include an individual giving consent to share health data for a study in exchange for personalized training instructions for an exercise program.
It’s a win-win, as the user controls the process each step of the way and marketers are able to work with leads that are receptive to their message.

Another blockchain application that SAP Customer Experience Labs is pioneering is coordinating product management and rollout. New-product creation involves a number of trust relationships to advance the product from design to production, including sharing documents. Blockchain is the most practical way to make that happen.
And more applications are on the way.
A single, global digital identity is the next logical step in terms of blockchain, and SAP Customer Experience Labs is researching ways to make this a reality.

The factory floor of the future

So what happens when something goes wrong, when a key piece of equipment on your factory floor suddenly stops working? Field technicians may be far away, perhaps even in a different country, and waiting days to get your equipment fixed can be disastrous.
SAP Customer Experience Labs work
on technology that can get things fixed faster. Instead of waiting for the vendor to send a service technician to your factory, you can scan an image of the nonworking equipment and create a realistic 3D texture and mesh model.
Using augmented or virtual reality (AR/ VR), the vendor’s off-site technician can investigate the machine and give guidance so that you can make the fix yourself. It’s almost as if the technician is teleported into the 3D environment through AR/VR.
Even in cases where the problem can’t be solved immediately, the vendor now has a wealth of information about your issue and can rule out certain fixes that have been tried and failed in the past. Technicians are well prepared and have the right parts when they show up in person.
What about factory sites that don’t allow laptops, cameras, or even smartphones
on the premises for security reasons?
New natural-language processing (NLP) technology that uses flip phones can be activated to engage with a conversational AI chatbot that guides you in troubleshooting the issue.

What does successful innovation look like?

Getting closer to your customers

How do you connect directly with your customers when your products are sold primarily through third-party businesses? Think about refrigerators, lawn mowers, or snowboards. If you’re Bosch, John Deere, or Burton, you may not know who buys your products. But you could.

At SAP Customer Experience Labs, this is the type
of challenge that gets us excited. We’re working on
a way to capture personal, behavioral, and purchase data from “indirect” customers – a solution that could combine marketing, sales, commerce, and customer data functionality to paint a complete picture of the customer journey.
With a solution like this, a company could get a more complete view of its customers, enabling it to make more recommendations for its products and increase brand loyalty. With a better understanding of the customer’s journey, a company could improve the overall customer experience with personalized touches that turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Get the perfect fit every time – in no time

Shopping for clothes isn’t always a fun experience. In fact, for a lot of us, it’s a real pain. Driving to
the store, parking the car, looking through racks
of clothes, wondering if an item is even worth trying on. What if stores could offer a personalized shopper to help you find your perfect fit, turning your shopping experience from a nightmare into the experience of your dreams?

Retailers could provide a mobile app that connects customers with an in-store stylist. A customer
can request new styles or sizes directly from the fitting room – no need to flag down the nearest employee. And the stylist could make personalized recommendations and pursue cross-sell and up- sell opportunities based on their interaction. As a bonus, the customer can skip the line and check out on the spot with their stylist.
This one-of-a-kind personal shopping experience can help retailers improve the overall shopping
and fitting-room experience and increase in-store customer engagement. In addition, they can capture customer data, including style preferences, sizes, and purchase history, and can use that to continue the personal customer experience in the future.

You’re not alone in the field

As demand for your product increases, can your sales team keep up? Or are they always a couple of steps behind your competitors? What would it take to empower your salespeople to deliver the best experience to your customers?

Combine mobile with bot, and you have a mobile chatbot solution to help sales associates in the field. Now, they can check inventory and prepare orders on the spot, instead of waiting until they return to the office.
The new experience can expedite the ordering process while minimizing order errors. Customers can review their order as it’s being created, and the sales rep can give them real- time inventory reports. The digital platform maximizes the field sales experience and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Eye spy, I buy

FashionLabs makes search visual

When shoppers find an outfit online, they can use the app’s storefront to upload a picture, triggering a search. The clothing items in the picture are identified and highlighted with bounding boxes. The shopper clicks on a box to trigger a search for similar products available for purchase. You can create an endless loop of discovery by featuring inspirational photos from influencers on the product details page and including cross-sell and up-sell “complete the look” options. Through the searches, the system learns more about the user’s preferences in terms of style aesthetic, colors and patterns, and clothing type, and it can tailor content based on those preferences. Your customers can recreate looks they love while you crowdsource market trends and generate product-bundling opportunities.

This prototype shows how SAP S/4HANA can integrate with the SAP C/4HANA suite to connect the demand chain with the supply chain.

And, of course, the mobile app works for more than fashion apparel. This technology could be applied easily to any number of retail businesses – from home decor to consumer packaged goods. If your customers can see it, they can search for it.

Artificial intelligenceand virtual reality revolutionize fashion retail

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes a whole ecosystem – and at SAP, we’re working with some of the most innovative startups and using the latest technology to augment the SAP C/4HANA suite
For example, in the hypercompetitive retail space, a group of startups is pioneering applications that enable customers to try on clothes, get immersed in virtual reality with a vendor’s products, and put together stylish outfits that are proven winners. In fact, in many ways, the new virtual experience exceeds the in-store experience. The end result is a happier customer and fewer returns.

Here’s how some of the technology works.

Virtual fitting-room technologies are moving from concept to reality with the help of startups such as 3DLOOK, based in San Mateo, California. Online apparel shopping has traditionally suffered from a returns problem, usually related to customers receiving items that don’t fit them correctly. Returns are costly and create a negative experience for customers. Who wants to receive clothes that don’t fit?

3DLOOK is helping solve the issue with ground- breaking technology to create a physically correct avatar that allows customers to “try on” clothes and check the fit. On the customer side, it couldn’t be easier. Using a mobile phone, you take two photos of yourself fully clothed. The technology uses computer vision, neural networks, and complex 3D statistical modeling to generate the realistic avatar and extract measurements. 3DLOOK software then computes and analyzes this physiometric data and builds personalized insights.
The matching is so good, it exceeds the accuracy 2 of using a tape measure in a store. But it doesn’t stop there. With your avatar, you try on clothes that fit the brand look the retailer is promoting. You can even use augmented reality to see how your outfit looks in various settings. But the real treasure may be in the data a retailer will get. The customer’s true size, the matched garments they end up purchasing together, and those they discard all provide fodder for new-product development and for follow-up marketing personalized for customers or groups of customers.

Holding a pair of jeans or another item and getting a good look at it from all angles has long been something missing from the digital buying experience. Chicago-based startup ThreeKit has a solution that may just bridge the gap and provide an even better experience than being in the store.
ThreeKit’s visual configurator provides a realistic 3D model of the item that the customer can rotate, flip, scale, or view from any angle directly through a browser and directly on the product page of the e-commerce store.
But it’s not just off-the-shelf items that can be viewed this way. ThreeKit can show customers realistic 3D representations of products that don’t even exist. And they don’t have to exist until they are purchased, at which point the specs can be passed to manufacturing.
For a complex product, ThreeKit can break down a product into its various components, and all those components can be mixed and matched. This approach allows for and scales to billions of possible combinations.
For items such as apparel, users can instantly customize the item, for example, change the color or visualize what it looks like with other options, such as a V-neck versus a boatneck for a sweater. You could even construct an AR/ VR setting for the item to see what it looks like in your living room or on your patio.
The benefits to retailers are big. According to ThreeKit, there is up to a 40% increase in conversions and an 80% reduction in returns with their visual configurator. Also, customers who want to customize the item are willing to pay a premium.

FINDMINE automates the work of expert merchandisers whose job is to suggest “looks” based on the unique fashion point of view of the brand or retailer. It also takes practical considerations into account, such as what items may be in inventory that need to be sold at a particular time. In other words, it gives merchandisers control to make finely tuned expert recommendations that show shoppers how to use what they’re buying, rather than relying on affinity recommendations from cohort analysis that simply show what other shoppers bought. Artificial intelligence complements this merchandiser expert system by adding predictive intelligence to find combinations that work well based on the performance of previous looks. Customer preferences and sizes can be imported as well for more precise suggestions. AI also provides scale: FINDMINE serves 2 billion looks each year, giving retailers maximum catalog coverage and the ability to show consistent looks across channels from physical stores to e-commerce stores to marketing.
According to FINDMINE, the results so far have been remarkable: A 4% to 9% uplift in overall sales for customers such as adidas, John Varvatos, and Perry Ellis.
According to FINDMINE cofounder and CEO Michelle Bacharach, AI has helped merchandisers uncover surprising techniques. For example, suggesting undergarments to complete the look was usually not considered in the past. However, in real life, it may be a key part to making a skirt or pair of slacks work for many buyers. And the data is there to prove it. “Merchandisers have great intuition, and we let them test and validate their hypotheses,” she says.

Munich-based startup rapitag is aiming to bring
the same benefits of digital commerce to the in- store world with some groundbreaking technology. Waiting in a checkout line has long been identified as a negative part of the in-store shopping experience. rapitag has pioneered a smart device that replaces those antitheft security devices that the cashier needs to remove at checkout time. With the rapitag device, customers, not cashiers, unlock and remove the device by purchasing a product through a mobile app.
Using Bluetooth in near-field communication, the user passes the phone next to the tagged item and instantly gets information on pricing and other product information for that exact item. The app connects to common online payment options, and when the customer pays, a unique token is generated that unlocks the rapitag device. The customer is free to leave the store with the item or continue shopping. The rapitag device stays in the store, to be reused with another product.
The device is more secure than either current mobile checkout technologies or older security devices because a rapitag device is mapped to an individual product and is harder to manipulate by shoplifters or employees.
The big benefit is not just convenience for the customer: conversion is more likely if customers don’t have the “barrier” of waiting in line and can purchase instantly. They can also continue to shop and purchase and unlock other items. That’s the e-commerce experience transported to the physical store.
Also, like the digital experience, all the motions of the customer are recorded in real time. It would be possible, for example, to recommend a scarf to go with a coat that has just been purchased and guide the customer to where it is located within the store. rapitag is also the perfect omnichannel technology. Currently, it uses the SAP Commerce Cloud solution
for storing the items in the catalog with pricing and promotions. Since the data is shared, retailers can follow up with the customer by offering online promotions and deals that map to their tastes.

03 Customer success

Learn how best-run organizations are tapping into the power of SAP solutions to become connected, intelligent, and customer obsessed

American Cancer Society: How did the American Cancer Society streamline registration and clarify constituent needs?

Driving a 20% reduction in cancer deaths since 1991

The American Cancer Society Inc. (ACS) is the largest nongovernment, not-for- profit funding source for cancer research in the United States. Since 1913, its grassroots operations have raised awareness and helped fight for every birthday threatened by the disease. Its websites arm millions of volunteers, donors, researchers, doctors, and patients with resources to fight cancer from every angle. But managing user authentication and delivering relevant information was growing difficult. ACS needed a next-generation sign-on process and a deeper understanding of how its community interacts with its online resources.

ACS gained 3.5 million user registrations per year with its stress-free sign-on, vastly extending the reach of its lifesaving message.

The SAP Customer Identity and SAP Customer Profile solutions in the SAP Customer Data Cloud portfolio helped the American Cancer Society Inc. (ACS):

  • Develop its Constituent 360 program for a full overview of the community and a single identity for each member
  • Promote a single version of the truth across the organization to streamline operations and enhance analysis
  • Harness registration-as-a-service and single-sign-on features to simplify access
  • Tailor content to the profile of each volunteer, donor, medical professional, researcher, or patient
  • Develop robust scoring models and identify power users by combining interest and behavioral data
  • Empower visitors to enter its websites through social media, expanding services for younger users
  • Collect rich first-party data from third-party accounts while automatically promoting privacy compliance

Better understanding of what customers want with SAP Commerce Cloud


  • Adopt an e-commerce platform for B2B and B2C able to be integrated with the existing SAP system and serve an international market
  • Follow a cloud-first approach to launch the platform within an ambitious deadline, without building
    a costly internal IT department
  • Provide a rich, personalized experience to B2B wholesalers
  • Gain a consistent view of customers across all channels


  • SAP Commerce Cloud offered rich, out-of-the-box functionality for quick time to market with little customization required
  • Proven success record with SAP
  • Flexibility of the platform that made quick implementation possible
  • Decided to team up with EPAM Systems due to its excellent track record with quick implementation time frames
  • Excellent cultural fit between all three organizations involved


  • Implemented solution in approximately five months
  • Deployed the e-commerce platform using the cloud, as this was the only way to meet customer expectations with zero downtime
  • Reduced IT footprint and time spent on managing IT infrastructure – freeing up more time to focus on core business
  • Gained better quality insights to make decisions more confidently
  • Achieved better understanding of customer shopping habits
  • Integrated third-party services, such as PayPal, Worldpay, and others

Supporting customers more effectively with SAP Customer Experience solutions

The Adhesive Technologies unit at Henkel implemented two groundbreaking SAP Customer Experience solutions together with SAP partner maihiro and took its sales to a whole new level. An online shop and applications for field sales staff reinforce Henkel’s position as a leading global company.


  • Implement digital transformation successfully
  • Increase business growth through more-effective sales
  • Take customer care to a new level
  • Obtain end-to-end insights into customer data
  • Analyze customer data constantly and utilize the findings instantly


  • Solution can be flexibly adapted to changing market requirements
  • Integration capabilities facilitate future innovations
  • Implementation partner maihiro offers the maiTour solution to optimize sales-visit planning


  • Consolidated product and service information in a single system
  • Launched a new online shop that perfectly matches real customer demands
  • Increased revenue through demand-based cross- and up- selling

04 SAP App Center

SAP App Center is the digital marketplace where customers can discover, try, buy, and manage access to innovations that amplify the value of their SAP solutions

SAP App Center offers about 1,800 enterprise-class applications from 1,000 partners – and the number is growing. Through this unique platform offering both free applications and those you pay for, customers can access innovative solutions, microservices, and plug-ins that can digitally transform their business.
Similar to B2C stores offered by Apple and Google, SAP’s marketplace allows customers to explore at their own pace, from discovering and trying to ordering and paying and to managing the third-party solutions they purchase. Customers can choose to go entirely digital and frictionless across all of these steps or take a progressive approach, one step at a time.
After the purchase, customers can take advantage of tight integration into their existing landscapes and gain immediate access to their applications from a launchpad enabled with single sign-on.
With streamlined procurement, designed for the enterprise, customers can manage the entire lifecycle of their purchases, from license acquisition to user management and renewals, simply and centrally.
For payment, customers have a choice
to either receive and pay invoices using payment support from SAP Ariba® solutions or credit cards, or they can choose to settle outside of the system. The platform supports role-based, workflow-driven orders; multiple currencies; and application usage analytics.

On SAP App Center, SAP has simplified the enterprise procurement process
by bringing it into a digital form factor. Customers can buy application licenses directly from SAP partners, with the flexibility to negotiate and receive the best price, including support for custom terms and conditions. They can then centrally manage multiple application subscriptions and billing and vendor communications in a unified experience.

1 Amplience: Enrich customer engagement

Amplience provides a modern, API-first, “headless” content management solution that is focused on the needs and challenges of digital commerce and marketing professionals driving dynamic, personalized, and rich customer experiences across a wide range of digital commerce and marketing touch points with their customers. The content management solution is made up of three key solutions: Dynamic Content, Dynamic Media, and Content Hub.
Amplience Dynamic Content is a content planning, management, and production solution designed or businesses that wish to drive engagement and conversion through powerful, visual storytelling at the brand, category, and product level. It focuses
on helping content teams drive improved productivity and collaboration with intuitive business user tooling, simple integration, and easy-to-use developer solutions.
Amplience Dynamic Media is a dynamic image and media delivery solution that makes it easy for e-commerce teams to enrich the customer experience with engaging product and marketing images and videos. This solution serves these assets responsively to support any channel and device, improving the customer experience though significant site and application performance improvements as well as better asset quality.
Amplience Content Hub is an image and media content solution that enables all digital assets to be aggregated and managed within one centralized solution. This simplifies asset management for digital channels and fosters more effective content reuse, thereby lowering costs and driving efficiencies. Once in Content Hub, content is made available through APIs across all digital channels, including e-commerce sites and applications using the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Amplience Content Hub also supports the ingestion, curation, and publishing of user-generated content (UGC) through the Social & UGC module.


  • 20% Conversion improvement through faster page load and more responsive content
  • 7 Content and development team efficiency and productivity improvement
  • 40% Faster page and application content-load speed
  • Brand experience consistency
    Through an API-based solution, enabling easy content reuse

Any business running SAP Commerce Cloud and looking to improve content management and delivery across sites, applications, and digital experiences can benefit from this solution.

The Amplience extension integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud.

2 Annex Cloud: Inspire loyalty

The comprehensive Customer Loyalty Cloud solution covers online, omnichannel, social and behavioral, and paid membership loyalty. Extensive customization allows clients to tailor loyalty actions and rewards as well as design, integration, and overall strategy. A marketing platform features a robust list of ancillary solutions, including a receipt data aggregator, Refer a Friend, and user generated content.


Through Customer Loyalty Cloud, businesses can:

  • Increase repeat purchase rates
  • by giving customers tangible incentives and rewards when they choose your brand
  • Boost customer lifetime value
  • by building a strong engagement engine
  • Drive customer advocacy and engagement
  • by rewarding customers for referring friends, writing reviews, connecting through social media, sharing pictures, signing up for newsletters, and more

Consumer industries (Fashion, Retail, and Wholesale), service industries (Airlines, Hospitality, Sports, Media, andTelecom), B2B (including B2B2B and B2B2C), financial services, and other discrete industries are served well through our platform.

The solution integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud solutions as well as retail applications such as SAP Customer Activity Repository and SAP Promotion Management. Integration with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud solutions and with the SAP ERP application is on the road map.

3 KIT: Connect store associates with customers

“KIT connects store associates with customers,” explains Keytree’s head of retail, Adrian Slater. “When a customer walks into the store, the sales associate can bring up all their previous info and look at all the available products on the app, without having to leave the customer’s side. The storeroom can bring out the products.”
Built using machine learning and speech and image recognition, the app connects hardware, sensors, point-of-sale systems, Wi-Fi access points, RFID networks, and iBeacon and Bluetooth technologies to identify nearby customers (integrating loyalty apps and Apple Passbook).

Features include Style Builder, which groups products so a customer can see how they might fit together, and technology that allows the sales associate to push content to a nearby TV screen. The app also enables the store associate to communicate through SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, and wider social media channels during and after the transaction. “It’s a full omnichannel sales tool,” says Slater. The app, which is used by major retail clients, also fits into existing technology sitting on top of a retailer’s SAP Customer Experience solutions, for example.It is easily integrated with back-end systems without the need for new, expensive software implementations. The KIT dashboard allows the user to manage tasks centrally, creating, editing, and managing tasks, calendars, team meetings, and client appointments directly from the app.
Sales associates can identify who’s entering the store
and create bespoke styles online to match customer preferences. The app also features flexible payment handling and provides retailers with the ability to create a truly differentiated experience for the customer. “Ultimately,” says Slater, “it helps drive new sales and is easy to use, with little to no training required.”

This is ideal for all retailers where the store associate plays a pivotal part at some point in the customer’s overall buying experience.

Designed in collaboration with SAP and Apple, KIT sits on SAP Cloud Platform and integrates directly with SAP for Retail solutions.

4 Khoros: Boost social engagement
Khoros is the industry’s leading provider of enterprise- grade customer engagement software, including marketing, social media management, communities, messaging, and care. Khoros’s smart social software enables companies to build lasting relationships with today’s digitally connected consumer. Enterprise brands worldwide use Khoros to manage, integrate, and amplify social content across any digital touch point in real time.


Khoros works with the world’s top brands across segments such as retail, travel and hospitality, finance, consumer packaged goods, media, sports, and entertainment. Khoros focuses on enterprise-level customers, including Bank of America, Patagonia, ESPN,, Target, and Caterpillar.

Khoros integrates with SAP Marketing Cloud, and Khoros and SAP are actively working together to build integration with SAP Service Cloud solution

Khoros’s mission is to connect businesses to the
people they care about most. Khoros knows that social connections are deepest when they’re informed by every customer interaction, regardless of channel. Khoros for the SAP Marketing Cloud solution connects your social interactions with the rest of your social marketing efforts supported by SAP Marketing Cloud, creating a single view of the customer across the customer experience journey. Integrating Khoros with SAP Marketing Cloud helps ensure that social interactions will be informed by and inform the holistic customer experience.

With Khoros for SAP Marketing Cloud, users can create
a single, unified view of their customers by linking social conversations to SAP Marketing Cloud. The solution helps ensure that from social to e-mail to digital and beyond, your customers feel connected to and truly known by your brand.

5 Adform: Optimize ad ROI
Adform is an advertising suite designed for agencies and advertisers
who want to use personalized targeting and real-time bidding in display advertising. The suite provides a data management platform, a demand- side platform, and an ad server using cloud technology that can be deployed independently or as an integrated platform for enhanced benefit.
Adform is built with privacy as a central focus and meets a number of important certifications including being ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security management, which is critical for GDPR compliance; Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited for viewability measurement across desktop, mobile web, and app environments for both display and video ads; EDAA Trust Seal certified; IAB certified; and was granted the Certified Against Fraud seal by Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

It can be difficult to ensure you’re reaching the right people with advertisements. Adform simplifies and targets the display advertising process. It extends the omnichannel engagement for SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions into digital advertising.
Alfonso Mariniello, VP of global partnership at Adform, says, “It makes sure planning, buying, optimizing, and analyzing display campaigns are all done in one place, thus saving time and resources.” He adds, “Tailored ads follow the modern user’s behavior, and because they integrate in an unobtrusive way within the content they’re looking at, they allow the advertiser to tell a story on different devices and in a more involving
way than standard advertising.” This means media spend can be used elsewhere more effectively to convert browsers into valuable customers.
Adform’s platform will only process pseudonymized personal data and does not use directly identifiable personal data, leading to limited risk for clients, reduced requirements, added security and safety for consumers, and a true privacy-by-design setup. This makes it a secure place for both customers and advertisers. Users can access several features including campaign planning, ad serving, optimization, analytics, or reporting. This also results in increased ROI from marketing budgets.
The customer is changing. Marinello says, “We are moving toward being able to understand their behavior in a much more thorough fashion. This means advertisers reach the right target at the right time with a relevant message for the customer.”

Adform is designed for agencies, trading desks, publishers, and advertisers, allowing them to manage tailored ad campaigns on desktop and mobile devices and in- app more effectively in real time.

SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions..

6 Mediafly: Empower your sales reps

Mediafly is a sales empowerment platform for the
SAP Cloud for Customer solution, designed to enable presenters to tailor the content of their presentations in a dynamic and agile way. “Salespeople often present in a linear fashion,” explains Tony Kavadas, the company’s EVP of global sales and alliances. “Yet during the sales process, things invariably don’t progress that way. Customers interrupt, ask questions, focus on different points, and ask for calculations on the fly.”
Mediafly is based around a concept called “Evolved Selling.” Presenters can respond by accessing relevant and appropriate content – be that Microsoft PowerPoint slides, Adobe PDFs, charts, or video – quickly and easily. This enables them to optimize the presentation to suit their customers’ requirements dynamically.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the customer and delivering a more organic sales process, Kavadas believes that Mediafly offers two other key benefits.
First, there’s a significant time savings for the salesperson who no longer has to be constantly creating or updating presentations. According to Kavadas, this could potentially decrease the time they spend on actual sales presentations by up to 25%.
Second, each presentation is tracked. So, for example, companies are able to capture and analyze the interactions during each meeting and use that data to inform their future sales strategy.
All the content is stored on the device (laptop, iPad, and so on),
so there’s no requirement for Wi-Fi or a mobile network. Mediafly has also added tools, such as a calculator, to enable presenters to offer projections or provide return on investment without having to leave the app.

Mediafly has already been deployed by sales teams in
a broad spectrum of industries, including consumer products, healthcare and life sciences, media, and financial services. Clients include Pepsi, Miller, Sony, NBC, and Goldman Sachs.

Mediafly is compatible with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud solutions. Plans are under way to add compatibility with the SAP Marketing Cloud solution.

7 Mirakl: Create online marketplaces

Mirakl is a leader in online marketplace solutions and an SAP partner for marketplace technology. It offers a feature functionality extension to the SAP Commerce solution.
Founded in 2012, Mirakl helps companies provide a better customer experience as part of an omnichannel and product content management strategy. It gives retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and brands the ability to use their e-commerce site as a marketplace where third-party sellers can push their products and services, says Eric Lessard, director of alliances and channels for Mirakl. This allows those organizations to offer a wider range of goods and services without the need to carry inventory, increasing profitability due to lower overheads.

Amazon has been a major disrupter in the B2C sector for many years, but the arrival of Amazon Business – a version aimed at B2B companies – has meant that many providers need to seek such a marketplace platform to remain competitive. Mirakl offers that alternative.
Marketplaces are platforms for organizations to grow revenue and scale significantly. With Mirakl B2B, retailers can easily increase their product offering at competitive prices, improve search-engine ranking, and create more opportunities to build loyalty. Manufacturers can offer a direct route to market, while distributors can integrate new products and offer them for sale in minutes.
The Mirakl marketplace platform is modular and easy to integrate. It is a turnkey software-as-a-service solution that automates the hard things – seller onboarding, product data management, service quality control, and order distribution – on an API-based solution that’s modular and easy to integrate into any e-commerce platform.

It benefits B2B retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and, increasingly, niche operators such as insurance, science, and telco companies seeking a marketplace strategy to reach a wider audience. Clients include Best Buy Canada, Carrefour, Condé Nast, Darty, Galeries Lafayette, Urban Outfitters, and J.Crew.

It integrates with the SAP Commerce solution for use in product content management and order management.

8 Totango: Gain customer data insights
Totango, the leading enterprise customer success platform, is purpose-built
to enable organizations to align around their customers, minimize churn, and drive adoption so they can maximize customer lifetime value. Totango solutions provide enterprises with a unified view of their customer data and the ability
to proactively engage customers while enabling the entire organization to participate in customer experience (CX) processes.
Create a unified view of your customer data: The Totango platform connects to all your customer data sources, captures the data signals in one place, and translates data into insights to provide your company with a harmonized view of your customers. It enables your organization to possess a deeper understanding of your customers, helping you produce health scores as well as data about product usage, engagement, satisfaction, and renewal insights.
Operationalize your customer data: Produce accurate, behavior-based, real-time customer insights, calls to action, and automated engagements. Leverage toolkits that contain configurable best practices, scorecards, and communication templates.
Enable the entire organization to participate in CX processes: Customer- centric enterprises ensure that their customer-related decisions are supported by the right customer data and insights. This solution enables organizations to share relevant customer data with the right people at the right time. “Totango expands customer success by giving visibility into usage metrics and other customer data to teams and departments that need them,” says the vice president of customer success at Trustpilot.

Totango is designed for enterprises in B2B software and B2B services as well as other verticals with recurring revenue or subscription business models.

Totango is integrated with the SAP C/4HANA suite, including SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP Marketing Cloud solutions.

9 Celonis: Jump-start process improvement

For Global 2000 companies, transforming to an intelligent enterprise has become a key strategic priority. Celonis has disrupted what was previously a manual, time- consuming, and expensive consulting-driven approach and moved to one that jump-starts and operationalizes change in transformation initiatives.
Built on the process mining technology Celonis pioneered, the SAP Process Mining application by Celonis provides visibility into existing process flows, a detailed analysis of process metrics, and an intelligent framework for process improvements across all operational systems.

Customers are realizing average improvements of:

  • 27% Less throughput time
  • 25% Fewer process costs
  • 37% Higher process efficiency

Through Celonis, businesses benefit from:

  • AI-driven root cause analyses that uncover the underlying reasons for process inefficiencies
  • Out-of-the-box analyses that kick-start transformations and realize a quick time to val
  • More effective automation, fewer manual processes, clearly defined best practices, and standardized processes on an organizational level

Companies around the world including Siemens, General Motors, 3M, Airbus, and Vodafone rely on Celonis solutions to guide action and improve business processes. Companies regardless of industry, size, or process choice can benefit, making it a vital solution for any enterprise today.

SAP Process Mining by Celonis can connect to any SAP
or third-party IT system. Out-of-the-box connectors and applications are available for the SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud solutions as well as for the SAP Subscription Billing solution.

10 DocuSign: Automate agreement management

The SAP Signature Management application by DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. DocuSign is the most widely used electronic signature in the world, available on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time. More than 425,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business and to simplify people’s lives.

SAP Signature Management by DocuSign gives you total confidence in every transaction, enabling you to:

  • Eliminate paper, automate the agreement process, and measure turnaround time in minutes rather than days
  • Manage agreements with customers and users worldwide on a platform with strong encryption standards, rigorous security, and 99.99% availability
  • Save costs with increased productivity and reduced material usage compared to legacy processes

Any business looking to execute and protect transactions will find value in SAP Signature Management by DocuSign. Overall, more than 425,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users worldwide rely on the application.

As part of DocuSign’s cloud-based system of agreement platform, SAP Signature Management by DocuSign includes prebuilt integrations with SAP Ariba®, SAP SuccessFactors®, SAP Fieldglass®, and SAP Sales Cloud solutions, among others.

11 Worldpay (Paymetric): Secure payments

Worldpay is a market-leading global payment provider, offering payment services to omnichannel retailers. The Worldpay Payments and Fraud Extension is a plug-in for customers running the SAP Commerce solution, providing a prebuilt and accredited connection to the Worldpay payment platform. Through one integration, businesses gain access to popular cards, fraud prevention, and local payment types across the globe. Paymetric is now part of Worldpay, and together they deliver a fully integrated solution to handle complex omnichannel enterprise payments around the world for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, and the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

The Worldpay extension for the SAP Commerce solution enables
faster and more efficient global expansion, reduced development and integration costs, and the potential for reaching more shoppers in more places around the world. The extension also provides prebuilt code and clear documentation for quick customization.
With Paymetric’s industry expertise in enterprise and complex deployments of SAP solutions, together with Worldpay, they can help ensure successful implementations. Their professional consulting and services team helps solve any payment, security, compliance, or integration challenge worldwide. They also help connect the larger ecosystem, including e-commerce, call center, CRM, and back end, and legacy systems, all of which help reduce Payment Card Industry audit scope, minimize risk, and maximize revenue.

The combination of Worldpay and Paymetric solutions, services,
and expertise is beneficial for any business, including B2C and B2B. Worldpay offers a scalable solution that takes away the need for more decisions and further changes down the line, working with a range of businesses to help ensure they meet needs in various environments.

The extension has certified integration with the SAP Commerce solution, and it integrates with B2C, Responsive, PayPal Express Checkout, OMS, and Cockpit NG. Flexible payment-page integrations and scalable add-on development also support future microservices functionality.

12 In Mind Cloud: Transform manufacturing sales

In Mind Cloud’s sales platform, Manufacturing X, transforms the profitability of manufacturing businesses by combining the power of CRM applications with production expertise and intelligent insights. Manufacturing X provides the ability to offer truly mass-customized solutions with a significantly reduced time to market. The core value is that it empowers manufacturers to successfully counter the commoditization of their products and allows them to constantly learn and improve to stay ahead of competition.

Based on the fast, secure, and reliable SAP Cloud Platform that offers full scalability and global availability, Manufacturing X is built to perfectly fit the needs of manufacturers’ sales teams.

  • Strike the perfect offer, balancing requirements and competitive pricing while increasing profit margins.
  • Provide 100% custom solutions at the lowest possible cost through interactive costing and pricing, simulation of configuration and material alternatives, and powerful tender composition tools.
  • Empower sales team with all relevant product and price knowledge, plus master data from the SAP ERP application.

Manufacturing X brings maximum benefits for manufacturers in sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, steel, electrical and precision engineering, medical technologies, appliance and electronics, and packaging.

Manufacturing X integrates with the SAP ERP application, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions.

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