API to Telephony Integration

“Cloud PBX and CRM connector allows you to track and manage calls and SMS CRM system..”

If your company's IT system is not on the list of ready-made integrations, you can use the API and perform the integration independently. By integrating telephony with IT systems, you get the opportunity to improve work productivity and customer service quality.

By integrating IT systems with telephony, you get:

  • Increase in sales and improvement of the customer service quality
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising
  • Improvement of work productivity and KPIs
  • Centralised work with customer applications
  • Centralised work with missed calls
  • Integration of communications with the company's business processes

API integration gives additional possibilities to your system:

  • make calls from the system
  • transfer data about calls, statistics, call records to the system
  • redirect calls from customers to their managers; and use other system features

If you develop or sell systems:

  • the system becomes more competitive
  • system users get access to advanced functionality
  • information on the performed integration will be available on our website

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