Two-way SMS

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The two-way SMS system is a convenient tool that allows the customer to respond to the received SMS, providing desired and necessary information to the sender such as the time and date when he can arrive. You will be able to send an SMS to customers from your company’s mobile phone number. Thus, the customer will be able to easily answer the received text message and call you.

Individual approach

  • Reminders – they help to ensure a more personal approach to the client (insurance policies, visits to the doctor, expiration of documents, birthdays, name-days, public holidays, and others)
  • Statements of the duration of cooperation – for example, gratitude for a successful cooperation over 3 years


  • Meeting time, date, place
  • Payments
  • Meetings (doctor, consultation, and others)
  • Delivery information

Customer involvement

  • Confirmation of events
  • Shift to a specified address (shortened link to the sender’s specified home page)
  • Connection to the operator

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