Cloud Fax

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How does the Cloud fax work?

With Cloud fax you can send PDF files from the computer and receive them in the e-mail. It is a modern method of sending and receiving a fax, which allows you to send and receive documents without purchasing an additional fax machine, and by assigning each employee a separate number.

Receive documents in the e-mail without using a fax machine

Documents, sent to your fax number, are processed and stored in the server. Afterwards they are sent to your e-mail.

Send a fax from the computer to the e-mail

Sending a fax is as easy as sending electronic mail with an attached file. For sending a fax, TIFF-FAX and PDF formats are supported.

Acceptance of a fax in the e-mail

The centralised fax server transforms the received notifications in TIFF format and sends them to the recipient’s e-mail.