Call monitor for Pipedrive

The application tracks incoming and outgoing calls and displays them in Pipedrive Activities area.


If you are existing customer of CSC TELECOM CloudPBX service, this integration will allow you to track all your calls made using CloudPBX service inside your Pipedrive account.

Main functions:

  • Registering all incoming or outgoing calls to Leads or Contacts if Contact does not exists, then new Lead is created.
  • Registering all calls per manager

Setup and installation

If you still not a customer of CSC CloudPBX service, first register on our portal and follow the instructions inside your customer account.

To activate Call monitor Service, please send email to with this information:

  • Your Pipedrive account URL:
  • CloudPBX Client Name
  • Pipedrive Managers with name, emails and phones, like this:

    Adonis Puusepp -* - +37258800011** (this info needed for call association)

*Emails must be the same as in your Pipedrive account users list.
** Phone number is one of the CloudPBX registered numbers