SMS and CRM Connector

SMS and CRM connector

€ 70,00 /mo.

Connection fee: € 50,00

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    “Cloud PBX and CRM connector allows you to track and manage calls and SMS CRM system..”

    SMS and CRM connector

    By integrating SMS with IT systems, you get the opportunity to improve work productivity and customer service quality.

    We are constantly working to ensure that SMS can be easily and simply integrated with the customers' most important CRM systems.

    By integrating IT systems with SMS, you get:

    • Increase in sales and improvement of the customer service quality
    • Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising
    • Improvement of work productivity and KPIs
    • Options for customer notifications
    • Integration of communications with the company's business processes

    Compatibility with customer CRM systems

    Incoming call registration for Contact or Lead
    Incoming call registration
    Link to a file with the call record in the comment field
    Ability to listen to a call record in CRM
    Bulk SMS sending to contacts
    Sending SMS from the customer or contact cards
    Sending SMS from the Lead cards
    *box version

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